Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crazy Family Pics.

Poor Sam.. leaving in just a mere 2 weeks for the Pocatello, Idaho Mission.. I guess I should rephrase that I only mean poor, in that he is stuck forever with us crazy siblings.. We had a wonderful spiritual day!
Sam and Grandmama (mom's mom)
ok.. so here we are all normal looking and what's a picture without a lil....

craziness.. (not quite sure who is eating who, grandmama or sam) lol!
 poor mom thought we were taking a normal picture!
Pre-mish pic!

Following the trp to the temple.. we got together at the house for a lil scooter riding experience.

a lil dumb...

& dumber... :-) 
sorry its blurry, but it was hilarious.. but not as funny as the next few..
Say WHAT??
that tummy is getting big..
only 11 weeks left and growing by the minute

and finally you can't have a wrestling match without a lil facial expressions added into it.

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