Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's the verdict??

Well after weeks and weeks of deciding from Princess Jasemine, just a princess, a witch, a princess, a witch.. the decision was finally made today while at the costume store.. Here ya go.. 

It's Rudolph the Red-Eyed Kiddo!
oh wait.. just teasing.. you will just have to check back in a few days to see the real pic!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Visit to the Barn

Saturday with a whooping 62 degrees outside and a wind gust of 22knots, the top was taken down off the Jeep and the drive started from our house to St Francisville, LA. First stop.. Wal-mart.. for the hat! Next stop, every redlight onlong the way to the interstate for rebundling of Brookyln. Needless to say, we made it about 20 minutes to North Baton Rouge then had to play chineese firedrill in getto land. With a happier child in the front seat, mom driving and dad in the back the drive was backon.. It was a beautiful day and would have been a whole lot better if the wind would have not had such a bitter bite to it. We made it to the barn! Time for some peace, relaxation, fishing, horseshoeing and fun with Mark's co-workers. Brooklyn's first thing was to go fishing.. poor lil thing, tried so hard, but had no patients to leave the line in the water. She is a master of casting, got that down pack!

Brooklyn drove the jeep on her first off-road adventure with her dad.. did great with an open field and nothing to hit.

The company was fabulous, Mr Alex bought BBQ pulled pork, ribs and chicken. Dinner was delicious.. There was so much food and so little room in my stomach for it. We all had a great time at the barn. I sometimes wish I had some land out in the peaceful country to build a house on. My only requirement is that I don't want to drive 30 plus minutes to civilization to the closest Wal-Mart or Target.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No Longer a Lil Girl

So.. Wednesday I picked up Brooklyn from school and as soon as she got in the car she said... Mom.. I wanna get my ears pierced!!!" I then said, what?? are you really sure?? You see, for the past 3-4 weeks she has been talking about it, but has been to nervous, scared and would start crying if I even brought up the topic of it. So I was surprised when she mentioned it. So on the way to the mall we went. It was her secret to keep from her dad. She wanted to surprise him! Once we got to the mall, she went up to the girl working and told her that she wanted to get her ears pierced. She choose a small diamond look (cz- thank goodness), sat patiently as the store girl got everything ready, papers signed and all. Then it was time.. I held her hands, just like her dad, sweaty palms and on the count of one, two and a three hesitantly, hole number 1 was done.. the count began again and hole number 2 was done.. After words she had a grin from ear to ear.. No crying done, but said, " I can't believe I got my EARS PIERCED!"

The drive to dad's work was too long for her.. She was so excited to show her newly pierced ears to her dad.. It was a surprise! She walked into his office and said, "Hi Dad" then stuck her head a lil closer to him and showed him her ears.. His lil princess just became a big girl!

Family Invasion

So last week was the Family Invasion.. and this pic says it all.. It was so great to have everyone down for Lane's Blessing. We did miss having David and his family with us :(... Lane is the cutest lil niece, I'm so lucky to have her close by.. besides the fact that Brooklyn is absolutely in love with her. I'm so lucky to be blessed with a fabulous family!!! Can't wait til we get together again someday in the near future!


So I've finally joined the blogging world.. will see how long it lasts! This is a test to see if I can do it!