Monday, January 25, 2010

A Three Muskateer Christmas...

Brooklyn had a wonderful Christmas.. All she asked Santa for was a 3 Muskateer Balloon Carriage. This request never changed each time she visited Santa this Christmas season. As Christmas morning approached, she opened gift after gift, receiving all the 3 muskateer dolls which a total of 4 dolls. Towards the end of opening all her present.. we asked her if she received everything she wanted.. Well, if I could ever figure out how to post videos, I would have planted it here. She found one last present sitting behind the tree.. As she started to open it, her eyes got bigger, her voice got a lil louder as she said, " I think it's my 3 Muskateer Balloon Carriage, it is!" as it fell out of the wrapping paper. She was so excited.

 Santa has very cleaver ways of being sneaking around here. Mark was also secretly suprised at his new PS3 Slim this year. He is now able to play online with all the other Asay boys and not feel out of the loop anymore. Oh and if your wondering what Santa brought me?? it was an IRON! yep that's right a professional Steam Iron! and I love IT!
Christmas at the Wesley's was Wonderful! Here are a few more pics of the 2009 Holiday!