Monday, November 30, 2009

A First...

So I really haven't kept track of alot of "firsts" that Brooklyn has done, but this one was important. I was at work Saturday and talking to Mark on the phone when Brooklyn tells him, "Daddy, I got to go to the bathroom!" With a cart full of groceries, he tells her told hold it.. (that can be a really bad thing when she is very insistant that she needs to go.. So off they went.. I then get a text from Mark....  "I sent b into the ladies room by herself... crossing my fingers." to my reply was a big "WHAT??" and a "me too!" She told her dad that she could do it by herself.. So here is her facial reaction to her first bathroom trip by herself at what Wally-world in Dinky Springs!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your Opinion Counts??

So I don't usually like all the blow up Christmas toys that people put up in there yards.. but this one caught my attention.. Whatda ya think??

Is it worth the it? We do live in Redneck land so it would definetly fit in.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet Lil Visit

One of my favorite things about going to work now, besides flying of course, is when my sweet lil niece Lane drops in for a visit. I love her parents too, but lets face it, she gets all of my attention (sorry Ger and Paige).  Yesterday, baby Lane dropped in after I had returned from a flight.

One thing this girl loves is her binki! If you can't see her with it. She might give you this poor pathetic face.. She is so sweet even with her lil pouty face.  I'm so glad that I live so close and work even closer for them to stop and visit me. Definitely makes my day go by faster. Thanks for coming to see me Lane! (ger & paige too)

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a bust this year! (dang LSU game) I was so disappointed in the lack of the neighborhood participation over at Mark's sister's house. We celebrated our nephew Jude's 4th Birthday and everyone, yes everyone dressed up for the occasion and then went trick 'r treating.

After much deliberation, Brooklyn's final decision was an Angel this year. Her lil brain told her,what a beautiful white dress, I can wear this for Halloween and be a beautiful bride. Yep, you heard it BRIDE! She didn't want to wear the wings and I didn't stop her.. She told everyone that she was an angel, but she couldn't wait to dress up in it after Halloween with her pretend vail she got from the "Purple Cow." (a store that Grandma Wesley takes all the grandkids to.)

Jude's Party was fabulous... The food was Monsterific. All complete with Pat creating a Pumpkin Cake! Once the present's were open we started trekking around the neighborhood.. From door to door with no answers and no lights on.. We finally found a few houses participating. The kids had a fabulous time and Brooklyn was so excited to be Trick 'r Treatin with her cousins.

Brooklyn is one big helper.. She made sure all the kids had there costumes in perfect order. Mark "the getto pimp" and Pat "the near-sighted Clark Kent" showing off there attire!
Happy Hall-o-ween 2009!